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"Weel & Sandvig" - ENERGY AND PROCESS INNOVATION" provides innovative solutions for the process industry and the energy sector.

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  We develop advanced dynamic simu- lators customized for grate combustion like waste incineration or burning of coal or woodchips. We have customized simulators to the major Danish waste- to-energy (WTE) plants, incinerating municipal solid waste (MSW). Among others we use CFD modeling in our analyses and documentation.
In addition we have developed advanced dynamic simulators of steam turbine systems. Used separately or together, the two types of simulators form a strong tool among others for training of staff, performance optimization and analysis of critical transient operation.
Another product group is our software for model based emission calculations (PEMS). More than 30 installations on gas turbines and gas engines have been completed. The WS.PEMS is also a continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS), just cheaper and much simpler to operate and maintain than a traditional direct sensor based system.
  Energy optimisation and process integration analyses are part of our core business. We possess extensive experience achieved nationally as well as internationally and are familiar with a broad range of industrial processes. For process simulation, flow sheeting and development of new and more efficient process designs (conceptual design optimization) we use our own developed optimisation tools together with a number of advanced and commercially available software packages.

Weel & Sandvig (Jan Sandvig) is the Danish representative for the implementing agreement IETS (Industrial Energy-related Technologies and Systems) under OECD IEA.